SuperSense Solid Level Sensor

Single sensor kit, for universal installation in tanks up to 75cm height, for rough outdoor use.

SuperSense Solid Level Sensor

The SuperSense Solid Kit contains all the components to detect a tank with a height of up to 75cm and optionally visualise it via Bluetooth on the DigiCamper App. Installation is quick and easy. Only a power supply of 10 - 30V DC is required for operation.

Simple installation

Works with fresh, grey or black water

Analogue signal output and optional Bluetooth for the DigiCamper App

Multiple sensors can be operated simultaneously

Remote access to the DigiCamper App possible

Item number:

SS-FLS-2100SW-KIT-75 (incl. Bluetooth)


  • SuperSense Solid Level Sensor
    EUR 299.00

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