Online TV via streaming (without satellite antenna) in the motorhome

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    There are more and more streaming offers, at home we almost only watch via streaming (Amazon / Netflix, Apple TV and others) instead of satellite TV. The selection of films is huge, the advantages of streaming are obvious. Through the combination of several streaming providers, there is virtually always the right TV program. We haven't watched live TV for a long time, but even that is now possible with some providers.

    From a purely technical point of view, online TV (streaming or live-streaming) works quite well and a reasonably fast online connection is sufficient.

    What is quite easy at home with flat-rate data tariffs can be a bit more complicated on the road. Data limits, sometimes insufficient reception or WLAN at the campsite that fluctuates greatly in speed can quickly put a spanner in the works.

    What are your experiences with online TV and do you also use it on the road?

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