A new colleague in the moderation team

  • Dear DigiCamper users,

    I am happy to announce that Dirk ("Modian") and I will be supported by Martin ("Zausels_Kerl") as of today.

    We are both very happy that there are now three of us, so the (future) workload will be distributed on more shoulders. Zausels_Kerl is already well known to both of us from the LinerTreff Community and fits perfectly into our team.

    Martin, welcome here in the "digital lounge" :)

  • Hi DigiCampers

    Some know me from LinerTreff, others may not know me yet, but will know me soon :saint:


    In real life, I am a special consultant for security (security management) and look after industrial companies, banks and public clients on all kinds of security issues. This includes security concepts and the theme of security systems (alarm systems, video surveillance, access control systems, guard systems) with all possible components. My topic is more the organizational integration and the technology more on the edge.

    From my apprenticeship, I romped into electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science. Some also say I know something of everything and nothing right: :)

    I live in the Sauerland, but have been traveling all over the world for many years and got to know different cultures and ways of life before I bought a chapel at the Sauerland and converted it into a residental building 12 years ago. I live there with my wife and dog when we are not traveling with the Marisma (derived from Charisma), also known as the "gray monster".

    As a moderator, I drove mischief in the LinerTreff for many years and now decided to bring my commitment here in the DigiCamper, because I am fascinated by the logical procedures and processes that are or should be feasible with DigiCamper as a solution. I would also like to bring in the affinity to the design of a forum and a community here together with Dirk. I would like to help shape values such as manners, content and a nice togetherness and ensure that there is fair interaction at a nice level and that the discussions are pleasant.

    I hope we all get along well. I'm looking forward to it.


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